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Home / News / Why Choose a Cable With a Ferrite Core?
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Why Choose a Cable With a Ferrite Core?

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Why Choose a Cable With a Ferrite Core?

A cable with a ferrite core is designed to handle a data or noise signal. When the cable is in use, it generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field is absorbed by the ferrite core and then converted into heat energy. This prevents a significant common-mode current from developing. A common-mode current is a current that travels in two conductors of the same frequency, but the distance between them is of significant importance. The ferrite core reduces the magnitude of this common-mode current, and the cable's high-distance design cancels out the magnetic and electric fields.

There are various types of ferrite cores. Some of them are clamp-type or split-type, while others are single-piece. There are also flat cable cores and flexible ferrite cores that are designed for delicate cables. Broadband amorphous cores are also available, which can withstand high-frequency vibration and high temperatures.

A cable with a ferrite core helps keep EMI and RF interference from damaging computer systems. This is particularly helpful for peripheral computer cables. Ethernet cables are often designed with ferrite cores, and they reduce interference by acting like a one-turn common-mode choke. They also suppress high-frequency pick-up in cables.

A cable with a ferrite core will not act as an antenna. This means that EMI noise cannot travel through the cable. A ferrite core is essentially a piece of ceramic that prevents this from happening. Ferrites come in different shapes and sizes, but they all attenuate any EMI emissions. They are often used for testing purposes.

Ferrite cores are used in USB and Ethernet cables. They are also used in audio interface USB cables. They protect computer devices from EMI and RF radiation. By adding a ferrite core to your cable, you are protecting your computer system from unnecessary interference. A cable with a ferrite core will increase the speed of data transfer while protecting it from noise.

Ferrites are made from a hollow cylinder of highly permeable iron oxide ceramic material. The porous structure of the ceramic material supports the formation of a magnetic field when current flows through the conductor. The ferrite-frequency response of a cable depends on the frequency of the current flowing through the conductor.


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