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  • Ferrite Antenna Core, Any One of Them?

    As we know, a ferrite antenna consists of two semiconductor dielectric layers, which are made of a high-frequency conductor and an extremely low-frequency carrier. However, as stated by one embodiment, the ferrite antenna also is given designed for a combined application with a thin PCB antenna, whi

  • Ferrite Core: Key Role in the Electronic Field

    Ferrite Core Magnetic permeability is a key performance indicator used in magnetic simulation as well as measurement. The Ferrite Core Magnetic Permeability is 15mWb/a-T-m. Measure: A. The Reluctance (L) Of The Ferrite CoreTo calculate the Ferrite Core magnetic permeability, one needs to know about

  • Advantages of the Ferrite Cores

    Field of the invention - Ferrite Cores is widely used in electric motors, transformers and other electrical devices. The core is a metallic component having a magnetic field that is attracted to the magnetic field of its electrode. It is formed of iron oxide, magnetized iron and sometimes even bismu

  • Ferrite Core Inductor

    There are three different types of ferrite core inductor available in the market. These include magnetic field, electromagnetic field and permanent magnetic field induction. The main advantage of using this induction is that it is safe and efficient for the end-user. With this type of induction, the

  • High Permeability Iron Core Inductors for Electric Machinery

    An inductor is a device that takes the energy from a magnetic field and changes it into electrical current. In order to do this, an induction coil or magnetic core is placed in a way that it is magnetized by the magnetic field around it. It absorbs this magnetic field and converts the energy it gets

  • An Overview of SMD Ferrite Beads

    When it comes to small device that makes a radio on which you can talk on, this is the SMD Ferrite Bead. It will be useful for you in many different ways than what you expect. You can use it to talk to your friends and family or keep in touch with your work colleagues. It will help you in many ways

  • Why Are Ferrite Bead Substrates Used in Magnetic Motor Industry?

    A ferrite bead is a one-axis magnetic component having Ferric, Oxygen and Nitrogen as its three main components. It has the ability to generate a rotation motion in a direction similar to that of the electrical current that is flowing through it. They are mainly used in applications requiring high f

  • A Brief History on Ferrite Balls - A Review of One of the Recent Innovations in Home Theater

    A ferrite bead is a ferrous semiconductor with one or more copper atoms. The bead can conduct electricity, but because it has a large surface area, electrical currents flowing through it can also be conducted through a wire wrapped around it. When a current passes through the wire, the atomic nuclei

  • Uses of a Ferrite Core in a Battery

    A ferritin core is a special kind of magnetic core that is made of ferritin where the windings of transformers and other winding components like inductors and capacitors are formed. It is mostly used in electronics because of its unique properties of very high magnetic permeability along with good e

  • The Function of a Ferrite Core Ring

    A ferrite core ring is a special type of choke which controls high frequency electrical noise in high-end electronic circuits. When the ferrite ring is used, it creates a magnetic field which helps to prevent interference from occurring with sensitive electronic circuit components. This is the most

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