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  • Ferrite - A Magnetical Phenomenon

    Ferrite is one of the most important magnetic materials used for electrical and magnetic fields. It is used in almost all kinds of magnetic devices and industries. However, its high resistance to thermal degradation made it inconvenient to use in electronic applications. Due to its large size and su

  • Pot Core Inductor

    Pot core inductor is basically a coil of core wire that contains magnetism. A thin-film coated magnetic field piece is placed on the coil and this helps in producing an electric field that is induced between the two core pieces. These electrical fields help in maintaining a stable magnetic field wit

  • Different Types of Inductors and Core Materials

    There are several possible inductor core shapes. The geometry of an individual core depends on several factors, such as the application, the installed base and available space; the permissible exposure; the operating temperatures; and the position of the permanent magnets. A core's physical makeup i

  • Ferrite Bead Core Jewelry

    When you have a look at ferrite beads, they look rather smooth and transparent, but you will notice that the ferrite bead core has an uneven surface, which gives it the bumpy appearance. This is not to say that all ferrite materials will have this, as only a very small proportion of all ferrite bead

  • Ferrite Core Implantation For Preventive Therapy

    Ferrite core implants have been utilized in the magnetic therapy and health field for several decades. The magnetic properties of ferrite have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body. Ferrite's healing ability is based on the ferromagnetic properties within it, which allows the substance to

  • Ferrite Toroid Core Specifications

    There are various types of ferrite tubes which are built based on different specifications and all of them have their own merits. The most popular ones being the LPT, DECT and the ALU designs. Amongst these, the most complex design is the LPT or the Low-pressure Transversal Transfer Core. The main p

  • How an EE30 Ferrite Core Helps in Energy Conservation

    The Energy efficient Electronic Devices or the EA devices are an answer to power reduction. These gadgets are designed in such a way that they can utilize the energy of the transformer while it provides power to the loads. They can reduce the burden on the power lines, which ultimately increases the

  • Ferrite Core: An Overview

    A polypropylene (PP) ferrite core is an extremely versatile, lightweight core that is used for a wide range of applications in both commercial and industrial settings. A core may be either closed or open ended, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. While most PQ ferrite cores have a closed

  • Ferrite Induction Core - A Safe and Eco-Friendly Option

    Ferrite inductor core is used to avoid electromagnetic signal loss in various applications. In most of the applications, a ferrite core is comprised of an insulated wire. The insulation of a typical ferrite core is made of thin-wall sheets with high electrical resistance and superior thermal conduct

  • Ferrite Filter Core

    There are several different kinds of ferrite filters and the core part is the one that provides the magnetic properties to the filter. The other components include the outer ring, which is composed of a ferrite material and inside this is a magnet and also an electrical coil. When the magnetic field

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