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Careful Magnetism & Electron Group is a technically leading corporation, intergrading production, management, research, development and information service. It was established in 2001, with the former of Huzhou Cifeng Industry Corporation -- a key enterprise in Huzhou city. It was assessed as “High and New Technology Enterprise inZhejiangprovince”, has more than 20 experience.

ferrite core , is a high-frequency magnetic material (silicon steel with the principle, but used in high frequency), the main job of high-frequency transformer (such as switching power supply, line output transformer, etc.), high frequency toroid (interference with), etc., increased permeability, increased quality factor inductors, transformers inside use.

magnetic core is to point to by all kinds of iron oxide mixture composition of a kind of sintering magnetic metal oxide, is used to increase the magnetic circuit of electromagnetic coils magnetic flux density (solar) reduce the loss of copper, and to increase the electromagnetic induction strength, improve the voltage conversion efficiency.

magnetic ring is commonly used in anti-interference electronic circuit components, good for the inhibition of high-frequency noise, generally use ferrite material (Mn-Zn) is made. At different frequencies have different impedance characteristics, the impedance at low frequencies is generally small, magnetic performance when the signal frequency increases the impedance dramatically.

The Group has over 1000 staff members, about 120 management and technology members. It has established a technological center, has an auto magnetic material examination equipment at international level and the most advanced production line in our country. It mainly manufactures EMI and SMD with 2 categories 300 specifications.

With annual outputs of 6000 tons of soft ferrite core, the Group has become the largest production base for EMI core in the country, it’s sales volume reached 100 million RMB. The Group started to run import and export business, more than 50% products are exported toKorea, southeast Asia, theUSA, European countries and regions, etc. They are widely used in IT and Intelligence Electric appliances Series, such as IBM, DELL, AOC, PHILIPS, DAWOO, Haier, and other international corporation, spread all over the world.

Since established, Careful has gradually set up a complete quality control system, and got certified with ISO9001. In the quality management, it strictly accords with standard organization, follows the 8 principles, and continuously improves management and product quality, based on satisfying customers.

Due to pursuing excellent quality, our market occupation rate is ascending steadily, and the sales amount increases by 100% year by year. The Group has earned fame in customers and has became a excellent supplier for many cooperatives.

“To pursue the perfection of details, to care the efficiency of execution”. Careful people will work hard with friends from home and abroad, hand in hand, reaching to another summit ahead.

The company does not purchase or use direct or indirect tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold products from conflict mining areas (meaning countries and regions around the Democratic Republic of Congo).

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