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Snap Together Ferrite Choke Kits

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Snap together ferrite choke core (SHCQC) kits are designed to work together to reduce or eliminate unwanted current or voltage. These kits are also designed to meet the electrical needs of the technician. However, when you purchase an SHCQC kit, there are several components that you will need to assemble. The following is a look at these assemblies.

Ferrite core (Chokes) offer a simple and inexpensive way of coupling low-impedance resistance to a single wire to reduce the noise (or pick up) in the wire, thereby reducing the potential for electromagnetic interference (EMI). In essence, ferrites are considered high-frequency passive resistors, without any active resistance at low frequencies or DC. The key advantage of using a ferrite core in conjunction with an RF choke is that the ferrite acts as an isolation device. When two wires are connected in series, the conductor resistance increases the current through the entire wire. With a ferrite core, the conductor resistance only exists in one place on one wire. This makes the ferrite more efficient at dissipating energy. When two ferrite cores are connected together, the current is reduced to a single point in one wire.

If your technician has not installed a ferrite choke before, it may be necessary for them to have the SBC (Snap Together) kit installed prior to installing the ferrite core itself. For example, if the choke has already been installed on one wire and the ferrite core has yet to be installed, then the technician would have to first cut the insulation to the insulation then install the ferrite core. There are some SBC kits that come with pre-cut insulation. This pre-cut insulation may come in handy to make the installation easier.

Snap together SBC kits use a snap-fit method to fit the ferrite core into one of three different configurations. The three configurations are a closed configuration, an open configuration, and an exposed configuration. The most common configuration is a closed configuration, since it provides a snug fit between the copper sleeve and the ferrite core. An exposed configuration of a ferrite choke is better suited to systems where the ferrite is not installed in an insulated sleeve, but instead exposed to a conductive sleeve such as a wire.

Snap together choke kits are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. There are some snap together choke kits that require a professional installer, while others can be installed with simple tools. It is important to keep in mind that the larger the diameter of the copper sleeve, the lower the insertion resistance. of the choke wire.

If the technician is unsure about which configuration is best for a particular application, they should consult a qualified technician. The easiest way to measure the resistance of the core is by making a connection to both the copper sleeve and the ferrite core. If the resistance is measured between the copper sleeve and the ferrite core, then the copper sleeve is considered to be the lowest resistance.

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