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emi ferrite core

With years of experience in production emi ferrite core, Careful Magnetism can supply a wide range of emi ferrite core. emi ferrite core can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about emi ferrite core. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique emi ferrite core according to your specific needs.
  • EMI/EMC cable ferrite Core
    Emi ferrite high frequency nizn split core, used for cable signal noise suppression, widely used for electrical components, working frequency from IMHZ-1GHZ with good effective.
  • EMI flat cable ferrite core
    Flat core
    FS type ferrite core is a oval shape product, commonly used for flat digital cables for anti-jamming. Material is Nickel Znic, frequency cover 1mhz-1ghz, with best stable impedance at 1mhz-500mhz, curie temperature >160°C。
  • Smd Ferrite Bead
    Bead core
    SH type is a small NiZn(Nickel Zinc) cable emi suppression soft ferrite bead core, commonly suit for small cable application, frequency cover 1mhz-1ghz, also used audio coils, axial bead inductor,wireless applications,to reduce noise interference Effectively. Material initial permeability from 40-2000.
  • Toroidal Ferrite Ring Core
    Toroid&Ring core
    Emi NiZn(Nickel Zinc) toroidal core ferrites is a very popular component for the electric application, This sintered soft magnetic ring core widely used for power,digital,HDMI cables,filter inductors,RF transformers,the advantage is high working frequency,high impedance to compared with other soft ferrites,that also get good results in Anti-interference.

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