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Micro USB Ferrite Cores

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Micro USB Ferrite Cores

Micro USB ferrite cores can protect your device from signal interference. They have shielded connectors and molded strain relief boots. They also have a single ferrite core. So, whether you're using your phone or computer, you can rest easy knowing your connection is secure.

The ferrite core can prevent RFI, or radio frequency interference. When you're connecting two devices, the length of the cable is acting like an antenna for a radio frequency signal. This signals cling to the USB cable, and eventually couple to the devices attached to it. The ferrite choke will block this signal.

Micro USB ferrite core cables can protect your computer from EMI and RF interference. They also provide a high level of noise resistance, making them ideal for connecting peripheral devices with mini-B interfaces. The U2C-MF30BK in the miniB Connector series is a good example of one such cable. The specifications and dimensions may not be included here, but you can check manufacturer's catalogues to get all the information you need.

EMI is a common nuisance that affects electronic devices. This type of noise can degrade the performance of other devices on the other end of a cable. Fortunately, the ferrite choke can protect your device against this noise and improve the performance of your device. It's also important to select a shielded cable and connectors.


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