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Home / News / High Permeability Iron Core Inductors for Electric Machinery
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High Permeability Iron Core Inductors for Electric Machinery

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An inductor is a device that takes the energy from a magnetic field and changes it into electrical current. In order to do this, an induction coil or magnetic core is placed in a way that it is magnetized by the magnetic field around it. It absorbs this magnetic field and converts the energy it gets into electrical current. These are the basic principles of how they work.

There are many kinds of iron-core inductor available in the market today. The type of induction coil you choose also depends on the application that you need one for. These can be in the form of an air-core inductor or a solid wire coil. For your needs, you should consider a number of factors:

Coils can be of various types. You can opt for a variable inductor, a constant inductor or a hybrid of the two. A variable inductor is one in which the magnetic field that is surrounding the coil changes, thereby making the coil itself get magnetic field. A constant inductor is the opposite of a variable, because it has a similar magnetic field all throughout.

A hybrid of the two is a variable and constant core. This kind of core can be designed to either create or produce Faraday fields. Faraday currents are needed in many applications, including power supplies for electrical motors and machines, as well as sensors for various purposes such as motion detection, asset tracking, and other industrial and scientific equipment. To achieve better efficiency, these coils are manufactured to have thicker cores which are easier to handle. Some also have additional insulation to prevent eddy currents.

Core sizes also differ for these cores. The smallest is the core size that has a cross sectional area of less than 10 inches. This is also the size that experiences the least amount of heating as compared to other cores. Larger core sizes, however, still have smaller cross sections as well as heating losses.

Core designs are important in order to create a durable and reliable system. The most common design of the core uses the principle of dynamic induction wherein the induction loop is made to create a stable magnetic field. The larger the size, the greater the induction domains the device can accommodate. The larger the size, the greater the losses can be minimized, thereby allowing more induction cycles for the power supply.

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