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Ferrite Bail Bonding and Balun Oiling

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Ferrite Bail Bonding and Balun Oiling

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your current electrical feed line choke combination, then you will probably be interested in ferrite bead balun technology. One of the most efficient electrical feed line choke systems currently on the market is the K3MR (Kerdiore) ferrite bead system. Ferrites are a very effective conductor of electricity, because they can withstand up to 1000 times their own weight in force against static electricity. This means that you can use them to your full advantage in the design of new electrical choke systems for your industrial applications.

Ferrite bead systems have some distinct advantages over traditional single-layered windings. The most noticeable is the amount of time it takes for current to travel the given path. Because the amount of current flowing through a given wire can be dependent upon the strength of that wire's induced magnetic field, the faster the current, the stronger the induced field, and therefore the stronger the magnetic field can be. Because the ferrite field can easily overcome the inherent resistivity of metal, the current passing through will not get ragged or disturbed.

Unlike other types of baluns, the ferrite bead system provides a fast connection because the small gap it creates allows current to move at faster speeds. You'll find that these types of baluns are most commonly used for circuit breakers and high-speed power transfer. Another very important advantage they have over other typical conductors is that they have a much shorter life span than traditional conductors. This is primarily due to the short length of the strands in a ferrite winding, which allows current to decay quickly. Due to this, most of these baluns require a very powerful current source in order to be sufficiently strong to be useful.

There are several different methods by which ferrite-based beads can be used in balun heating applications, including the polarized-cavity, directional-cylindrical, and damping baluns. Polarized-cavity balun heating systems utilize two transistors in order to switch magnetic fields around. For example, one pole has a magnetic field that is north, while the other is south. When these two poles are paired, the junction point between the two produces a polarized field, which cancels out the induced magnetic field from the other side. The result is a lower induced field on the receiving side, making it possible for the transmitted radio signal to be received more easily than it would be with other kinds of baluns. In addition, due to the polarized balun, the incoming signal has a much better bandwidth.

Another common method of balun overheating is the directional-cylindrical balun, which functions by introducing a pulse through a small gap into an aluminum tube. This process is called pulse pacing. The damping side of this type of balun is then connected to a DC motor, which is turned on and run with a small amount of current. Since the pulse interruption reduces the induced current, the antenna's efficiency also improves. Although it doesn't produce the kind of significant bandwidth that comes from a polarizing dipole, the directional-cylindrical balun still has its uses when it comes to increasing the overall efficiency of a transmitting antenna.

In general, coaxial baluns tend to perform better than any other type of balun. The biggest advantage they have over other kinds of baluns is their relative ease of installation - you can put them together without using any special tools. Because they are so easy to install, they are often used in home-built antennas. Wiring a single antenna to multiple balans is also quite common. Some antennas even include several different balans inside of a single transmission path, resulting in a 100% match between the input and output antennas.


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