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E65 Ferrite Core

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E65 Ferrite Core

1The E65 ferrite core has a large inductance,with 2 sizes EEE65A and EE65B, but its design makes it difficult to use in some applications. In such cases, the core should be replaced with a smaller one. However, if the core cannot be replaced, you must reduce the number of windings. In this case, 

Power transformers use ferrite cores in their windings. These transformers have low loss and high magnetic permeability. Moreover, they prevent eddy currents. The ferrite cores work efficiently in high frequencies. Hence, they are best used in power transformers. The E65 ferrite core can be used in a variety of applications, including signal transformers. Its low loss characteristics make it a suitable choice for high-frequency electronics.

Power transformers made of E65 core are more affordable than pot cores. Moreover, E cores are easy to assemble and do not require special tools or equipment. E cores are also available with different cross-sectional areas and different lamination sizes. They are generally used in power transformers and differential inductors. E cores also feature a low profile and a high space utilization. They are also available with a bobbin winding design.


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