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Home / News / Choosing a Ferrite Core RF Choke
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Choosing a Ferrite Core RF Choke

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Choosing a Ferrite Core RF Choke

15If you are looking for a ferrite core RF choke, you should consider a few things. These chokes are primarily resistive and can have inductive properties as well. You should look for chokes with an impedance of approximately 1 kOhm or lower. There are different mixtures for different bands. One mix is better suited for low band frequencies, while another is best suited for HF.

The ferrite cores on cables provide a high level of protection from induced interference. These interferers can act as antennas, so the addition of a choke to the end of a cable will help keep them from becoming an antenna. Unlike the expensive replacement part, this RF choke is not an absolute necessity if the cable is short. But it will save your cost if you install a ferrite core on your cables.

These ferrite-core inductors can saturate and lose inductance at higher currents. However, a 10mohm choke will swamp the cable's impedance anyway. Gigabyte uses LOW-RD(on) MOSFETs in its motherboards, which allow it to operate at lower temperatures. If you're looking for a low-cost alternative to a ferrite-core choke, Gigabyte has a few options available.

You may also need a ferrite-core choke for other systems. It is possible to install a ferrite-core RF choke in a harness extension. However, you should not use this on a car that has multiple toroids. These chokes may affect the timing, which is important when a car has many radios. So, when you install a ferrite core RF choke, make sure it's the one that is rated for that frequency.

The Biggest Clamp-On is the equivalent of three toroids, but it's easier to use and is a single ferrite bead. However, ferrite chokes are noisy systems, and you should consider your bead heat dissipation before installing them. The Biggest Clamp-On is also a good choice for large cables with connectors.11

A ferrite-core RF choke is a good choice for a variety of applications. The permeability of this material is above 800 u, and it has a moderate saturation flux density. It attenuates a range of frequencies and can help you eliminate unwanted RF noise. Typically, ferrite-core chokes are used in inductors at frequencies below 5 MHz.

To choose the right ferrite-core RF choke for a particular application, determine the bandwidth. If you are looking to reduce RF noise, a 28 Mhz choke will help. This bandwidth is equal to 35 feet, or 420 inches. One choke may suffice, while a cable longer than one tenth of a wavelength may need two or three chokes. Make sure to choose the right mix when shopping for a ferrite-core RF choke.

Despite the fact that a ferrite-core RF choke is often a more expensive option, it is still one of the most versatile and popular types available today. It is shock-resistant, highly versatile, and offers a similar function to a transformer's ferrite core. If you're looking for a ferrite-core RF choke, you've come to the right place!

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