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Home / News / A Ferrite Bead Mouser Can Do More Than Removing Stickers
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A Ferrite Bead Mouser Can Do More Than Removing Stickers

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A Ferrite Bead Mouser Can Do More Than Removing Stickers

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a ferrite bead mouser work it is one that you will never forget. A mouser is a tool that uses its teeth to gradually pull on or push a ferrite bead into a metal surface. In this case the metal is ferrite and the bead is a ferric bead. The mouser works by using its teeth to gradually grab hold of the ferrite bead and then slowly push it into the hole.

The ferrite bead is placed inside a ferrous base that is pushed into the hole and is held there until the desired thickness is reached. This is typically done by passing a small amount of electricity through the ferrite bead and this passes through the base material holding the bead in place. The electrical current passes through the bead filler material and heats the ferrite bead until it melts. When the ferrite bead has melted it is now ready to be trimmed.

There are many uses for a mouser. One of the most common is the installation of earrings. Since the ferrite beads are so thin they are very delicate and the slightest contact with skin can cause damage. The mouser helps to keep the earring in place preventing it from moving around and possible scratching the ear drum. It is also used in the installation of bracelets, bangles, and other forms of jewelry. Since the strength of the bond is quite strong, the mouser can actually hold several hundred pounds of weight.

Another use for the mouser is for the removal of stickers from clothing and home decor. Due to the small size of the ferrite particles, they can easily get trapped in the fabric of a shirt. Since the ferrite is also highly magnetic, the mouser will draw the sticker away from the skin and usually leave a hole in the fabric. Since the hole is small, the jewelry does not get pulled out of the hole during removal. The hole left allows the wearer to continue wearing the item without any problems.

The ferrite bead mouser is not only used for the removal of stickers and magnetic signs, but is also useful for sewing. If a seam is cut at an angle it can easily become damaged if the seam tape is not removed before sewing the item. By using the ferrite bead mouser, it is easy to remove the tape without damaging the item.

Since the mousers are so small and versatile they are often used in other applications aside from the ones listed above. They are often used as stand alone jewelry tools or in conjunction with other tools. The versatility of these mousers is part of the reason they are a favorite among jewelry artists. They are great for home work and commercial projects because of their size and versatility.


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