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Home / News / Ferrite bead used in RF transformer
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Ferrite bead used in RF transformer

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  Ferrite bead is a small emi ferrite core, commonly is small toroidal ring core, or tube core or the balun core, work with capacity to fit RF transformer of GPS,radio station and TV components,TV box and so on... , NiZn ferrite bead can work at high frequency highest to 1GHZ, lowest to 1MHZ, with good impedance and good effective in EMI and EMC when equipment working. for get best performance, the ferrite need winding with the copper wire,more turn get higher impedance, or inductance. and installed with tinned lead wire

 to connect the PCB board, or use a bobbin dip into board directly.

 Ferrite bead also used for axial inductor, Parallel electrolytic capacitors can form an LC tuning circuit,Screening signal,Suppress electromagnetic interference,Stable current, Widely used in circuits。

  Commonly several ferrite beads will be used for one components together, because NiZn materials can not get best impedance at every frequecny, need some working at high frequency and some in low frequency, that depends on the permeability value, like below 100mhz use high permeabilty material(>1000), over 100mhz use low permeability materials(<1000),. that can keep the equipments noise supression in full frequency range.

  Along with the ferrite core widely used many fields, the big ferrite core also used in the large antennas of electrical communication, like toroidal core, they can stacked together to get best impedance, Ferrite cores can be used as long as there is electromagnetic interference. 

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