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Home / News / Ferrite Core In Common Mode Choke Inductor--Careful Magnetism
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Ferrite Core In Common Mode Choke Inductor--Careful Magnetism

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                                        Ferrite core & common mode choke


  Common mode choke for noise reduction in power switch working from frequency 1khz-50mhz, it is essentially a bidirectional filter: on the one hand, it filters out the common mode electromagnetic interference on the signal line; on the other hand, it restrains the electromagnetic interference from itself to avoid affecting the normal operation of other electronic equipment in the same electromagnetic environmentit ,it has 2 same windings turns but opposite direction on each side of the ferrite core, normally the core can be NiZn ferrite core, MnZn ferrite croe, Sendust core, Nano-crystalline core, NiZn material sued in high frequency, others used in low frequency relatively, except for the toroidal ring core, EE,EC,PQ,RM core also can be used for          CMC,but with bobbin together.

   Another series is DM inductor, noise reduction from cable to cable, and just one winding layer on the toroidal ring core, so 2 pins when finsihed, 4 pins for CMC,some inductors finished with plastic base, that can installation more convenient, common ferrite material is iron powder.

  About the raw material ferrite core, different permeability with different inductance value. high μi with high L value ,like our FH5, FH7, FH10,5000-7000-10000,  Careful also have lower μi material like FN4,FN12,FN40. 40-120-400.widely used in Airconditioning, washer, refrigerator,TV, carbon brush,kinds of cables, AI and other electrical components....., 


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