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Home / News / What Are Ferrite Core RF Chokes?
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What Are Ferrite Core RF Chokes?

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Ferrite core rf chokes are found in many electronic devices that need high speed in the magnetic field. These devices have a fairly large signal to noise ratio and also have very low power consumption as well. They are not only a cost effective way of reducing the RF noise but they can also add a considerable benefit.

The concept behind these is that the interference is caused by the low level of the magnetic field and these are typically found in field test equipment or microwave devices which are typically used to convert a power source to energy. The signal in the amplifier is then translated into usable output. As the device will not be moving, it cannot cause any kind of impedance to the device. This is because the magnetic flux created by the device is already in equilibrium with the device and the end result will be the same.

However, if these devices are placed close to RF devices that also have a large signal to noise ratio, there can be some degradation of the quality of the received signal. However, it will not be to the extent of degradation as there will still be a high level of RF signal available to the user. There are also many other advantages with the use of the ferrite core. A fairly large signal can be converted into lower power consumption.

Chokes used in this kind of devices are able to handle very high frequencies. High frequency signals are often contained in radios, satellite phones and the like.

The biggest benefit of using ferrite cores is the extremely low losses. There is virtually no inductance or capacitance to contend with. The frequency response is generally quite good, although the final performance will depend on the RF spectrum of the device and on the quality of the device itself. Any decimation of the ferrite core will typically cause the ability to process the signal to decrease slightly.

While there is a disadvantage with high frequencies due to both the loss of energy and the decimation, there is a much smaller disadvantage with a ferrite core. There is a major reduction in the frequency of the device and this allows the signal to be converted to a lower frequency and then stored for later use. This is especially useful in portable devices where there is no hope of storing an initial signal for more than a couple of seconds.

One great thing about the devices is that you can purchase the products which are specifically designed to be used for signal conversion at a reduced rate. For example, there are several manufacturers that offer three hundred hertz re-burners for example. This is the lowest that a ferrite core can operate and the most that it can process without any degradation.

The advantages of the device are that it can handle signals from a wide spectrum of frequencies and that the device is able to reduce the signal to noise ratio which gives a better quality signal. It is also the least expensive type of devices when compared to other types of RF chokes.

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