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Home / News / USB Cables Without a Ferrite Core
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USB Cables Without a Ferrite Core

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There are many reasons why you may need to have a ferrite core on a USB cable. Having one on your cable makes it safe for you and others that are around you at all times.

It is very easy to misplace or lose a USB cable, especially when traveling. You may be needing to change something quickly in the event that your USB cable falls out of your laptop and will not come with the item.

In this instance, a ferrite core will protect you from experiencing electrical shocks or damage to the cables and all of your peripherals connected to the USB ports on your computer. If there were any other connections present on the cable, it would also be protected.

A core can help protect any USB devices that you have plugged into your computer. The cables may be easily lost, stolen, or even shorted out, causing damage to you and those around you.

In addition, you will find that having a USB cable without a protective ferrite core will cause issues when traveling. A cord can break or become damaged, which could cause injury if the cord becomes caught in something.

A core protects the USB connector and the other cables that are connected to it. While not all cables and connectors will be able to be protected, they should be able to be labeled properly and cut off by a professional before the need arises.

If your PC already has a USB port, then you will not need to purchase a new one. However, many people like to have this kind of cable and some may choose to add a different type of plug that uses a different style connector.

This type of cable will plug into the regular plug that you already have on your computer. It will allow you to still have access to your computer as well as plug in additional devices, such as printer adapters, printers, cameras, and other items that need a USB connection.

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