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Home / News / The Ferrite Bead Emi Review
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The Ferrite Bead Emi Review

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The Ferrite Bead Emi Review

The Ferrite Bead Emi is one of the latest and greatest metal musical toys to hit the market. It is a unique and very well designed musical instrument, which can be found in a number of different shapes and sizes. It was designed by the award winning musical artist, Michael Tilley. Michael first made use of this particular material for his drums back in the 1990s but it was only after the production of this ferrite bead instrument that he decided to use it as a musical instrument in a full size product.

The Emi has four pedals which are played by pushing buttons on the front of the instrument. These four pedals create a great sound which is made even more exciting with the addition of the wonderful range of sounds that it produces. The Emi can be used to play all kinds of different music such as classical, jazz, reggae and even modern and this makes it a great tool for people of all ages to learn and play.

The Emi also features two tension knobs which allow the user to adjust the levels of tone for a great range of musical notes. It is also a very reasonably priced item, which is great news for those parents who want to get hold of a musical toy that is affordable. The price of the Emi is around one hundred and ten dollars, which are great value for money as well. The price does rise slightly if you add the various accessories such as the drumstick, earphones and additional batteries however.

The Ferrite Bead Emi is ideal for anyone of any age and is great fun for both young and old alike. If you are looking for an instrument that can create a wide variety of sounds then you really should consider investing in this particular instrument. This is a great opportunity to buy a high quality yet inexpensive instrument that is incredibly easy to handle as well. Anyone who is interested in learning to play music will find this to be a great option as there are no complicated processes involved.

In my opinion the Emi is one of the best options available on the market at the moment. The reason for this being is that it is so different from most instruments on offer. I mean, it is practically an octave guitar which offers you incredible tones and is also relatively inexpensive. The Emi will not make you pay over one hundred dollars for your first musical instrument so this is certainly a great opportunity for you to get started. If you are a beginning player then I would suggest going for the Emi instead of buying the more expensive ones as you will soon learn to distinguish between the good ones and the rubbish ones. However if you are a long time player then you may choose to spend a bit more on the better models.

You will notice immediately that the ferrite beads in this instrument to produce sounds that are completely different to any other instruments that are on the market. This will be a great opportunity to expand your musical horizons and challenge yourself to play something that you have never played before. You will also notice that once you start using this instrument you will quickly find out that it does have a hypnotic quality about it, this is because of its inherent nature. It has this ability to play just about any kind of music that you want it to without you having to look at the book for a new tune.

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