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Home / News / Finishing Up With a Nice, High Quality Chip Ferrite Bead
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Finishing Up With a Nice, High Quality Chip Ferrite Bead

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A high-quality chip ferrite bead is one of the most difficult materials to come by. They're often referred to as 'poor man's gold' for this reason. How do you tell if your chip ferrite bead is the real deal? Here are some tips and advice to help you out.

First of all, what makes a chip ferrite bead so valuable? A professionally made chip ferrite bead can easily be worth in excess of one thousand dollars. Because of the material they're made from, they're often highly sought after by both amateur and professional jewelers alike.

But what is so important about them that drives them up the value? Well, for starters, they are made from an extremely durable material that can take and hold heat for a long time without tarnishing or discoloring. This is because of their highly resistant properties that make them so hard to damage.

Other characteristics that make these beads stand out is their own unique properties that make them stand out even more. Often, these characteristics will make them difficult to complete with a wide range of colors or patterns available. These traits allow them to provide many different types of jewelry creations that can be extremely difficult to find elsewhere.

The general age of a chip ferrite bead is going to be the most important aspect when determining if it's worth anything or not. An older bead is likely to be of a lower quality than a newer bead. In fact, newer beads are often too difficult to finish for many jewelers, so they settle for the older bead as a cheaper alternative. An older bead will usually carry a much higher price tag due to this problem.

The other aspect that affects the overall quality of a chip ferrite bead is its own shape. It has to be able to hold the weight of the finished piece while still remaining pleasing to the eye. These are two things that also affect the price of the bead.

Know what your limits are though. Don't be afraid to try different things. You can get away with purchasing something less expensive, but you'll almost certainly be disappointed in the final product. If you go for a lower priced piece, then you'll also have a much better chance of a low quality bead showing up later on down the road.

So, before you purchase a chip ferrite bead, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. If you know that you're going to use it for a particular purpose and only do that thing often, then a lower-priced piece will likely do the trick. If you're unsure of what to use your head for, then you can always find something much more expensive and make the most of it!

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