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Ferrite - A Magnetical Phenomenon

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Ferrite - A Magnetical Phenomenon

Ferrite is one of the most important magnetic materials used for electrical and magnetic fields. It is used in almost all kinds of magnetic devices and industries. However, its high resistance to thermal degradation made it inconvenient to use in electronic applications. Due to its large size and susceptibility to thermal damages its cooling mechanisms had to be specially designed.

Currently the industry has produced the worlds smallest and lightest ultra light ferrite cores which are available in different sizes and shapes. They are very useful in applications where heat dissipation is important such as computer and microwave equipment, power supplies and microprocessors, medical equipment and ultrasound systems. The small size of these ferrite cores makes them ideal for use in home applications. These small sizes also make them easily portable which is a great advantage for them especially when they are needed in places where space for cooling is a problem.

Due to its small size these magnetic materials can also be built into capacitors which helps them in the safe and reliable use in electronic devices. Due to its superior electrical and electromagnetic properties of these materials have been developed extensively for use in applications requiring high temperature tolerance, conductivity and electrical and electromagnetic properties. For example the use of a ferrite core mat for the purpose of constructing high efficiency linear voltage supplies.

Due to its extreme resistance to changes in temperature it is used for cryogenic conditions and space flight operations. Another advantage of using a core ferrite is that it does not need any coating or cement due to its one-piece construction. Therefore it can also be used in places where other types of ferrite materials may require application of a plating or cement. These materials however tend to get contaminated with rust and other particles during handling therefore contamination may also occur in areas where the ferrite material is installed. Other advantages of using this magnetic material are that they offer infinite resistance to electromagnetic fields, low density, compactness, superior electrical and magnetic properties and ability to bear extreme temperature fluctuations.

There are a number of construction techniques available for the fabrication of a core ferrite. In most cases the thin iron core is used due to its small size. In some cases the wire core or the ceramic-coated ferrite sheets are also used. Some construction techniques such as hot gas welding technique are also used in the case of the construction of thin metal laminates with ferrite which provides better conductivity and flexibility than other metals.

The cost of building an electrical device with use of a core ferrite depends on the method of construction and the materials used for its fabrication. The smaller the core the cheaper the fabrication cost will be. However, when compared with other similar ferrous materials the cost can be increased when the thickness of the core ferrites is increased. When making a choice of the construction process to fabricate a device with ferrite core, the customer should compare the cost of manufacturing with the cost of design.


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