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Clamp on Ferrite Core Drilling

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It is widely accepted that the clamp on ferrite core drilling is one of the most effective methods of drilling holes in metal. However, clamp on drilling also has some drawbacks that limit its use to a certain extent. The use of clamp on ferrite core drilling is preferred when other drilling techniques are either difficult or expensive to apply.

First of all, the process of clamping on core drilling is time consuming and expensive. In addition, it cannot be used to drill holes in all kinds of metals including stainless steel and aluminum because they are too soft to bear the drill bits. Moreover, the cost of the material and labor to install this method of drilling can be much higher than any other drilling methods.

On the other hand, drilling using this technique requires drilling through soft metals such as brass, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. This is possible because these substances can be hammered into powder form. The drill bits made out of this substance will be much easier to handle than the usual drill bits.

There are two types of clamp on ferrite core drilling. One is called mechanical clamp and the other is a hydraulic one. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical clamp is more effective in drilling holes in thinner materials than the hydraulic type. The mechanism involved for the hydraulic one is similar to the clutch system used in automobiles.

Clamp on ferrite core drilling can be performed both manually and electronically. The manual type of this drilling is more popular because it does not need drilling equipments and machineries. All that is required is manual operation of the clamps and the drilling can begin almost immediately. This is good for those who want to drill a small hole right away. For those who are drilling large holes, it is more ideal to use the latter kind of clamp on ferrite core drilling equipment.

When choosing equipment for clamp on ferrite core drilling, safety should always be given topmost priority. It is important to ensure that you use only the proper equipment and it is free from manufacturing defects. Aside from these, ensure that the equipment you buy is very stable so that you do not encounter any incidents of slipping while drilling. Lastly, check the user's manual so that you know how to operate the equipment properly.


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