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All About Core Wire

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The ferrite core is the core of a ferrocerium core. It is also called ferrofluid core, ferromagnetic core or the ferrite core. The ferrites are more effective as the core of RF is used in larger devices like cell phones and car stereo systems. In automotive, it is used for the transmission line of radio frequency.

There are two types of ferrites. They are a solid-core and a plastic-core. Solid-core ferrites are shaped like a sphere or cube, while the plastic-core ferrites are shaped like a cone. The plastic-core ferrites have magnetic properties comparable to the iron core.

The ferrite can be described as a ferromagnetic material having a D.F. component. It can be very effective as the inner part of the ferromagnetic material is a solid core. It can be used in radio and television transmitters and receivers. It is suitable for portable and low-cost units.

The ferrite core has different forms like ferrite-coil, ferrite-filament, ferrite-tape, and ferrite-plugs. However, they are based on the same core structure. The core is considered as ferrite when its magnetic properties are equal to the ferrofluid, and it is known as ferro-fluid core.

Some other names for the ferrite core are ferrite-flux, the D.F. filament, ferrite-tape, and the wire-foil core. The outer part of the ferrite is made up of a layer of one-half cubic-centimeter of another material. The materials that are used are paper, copper, aluminum, and many others.

The core wire is made up of a small piece of steel, aluminum, copper, or some other metal. It is very durable and strong. The core wire is usually fed with some lubricant. The core wire can be wound around some stainless steel wire, brass, or other similar metal.

There are several processes used for the making of the core wire. The processing is also called as core wire winding, core wire feeding, core wire winding mechanism, or wire feeding process.

A single core wire can be fed with a specific quantity of C.F. The core wire must be able to withstand the high currents, temperature changes, electrical current, and magnetic field, so the manufacturer has to find out the best material to use.

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