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Product Series:DR TYPE
Drum Core
Product Name:

Drum Core

Products Model:
Products Price:$0.01-$2/piece
Product information:
A.100% real origal manufacturer
B.more than 20 years experience
C.large cable production capacity
PACKAGE:Standard exporting carton or as customer's request.magnet drum core,magnet bead,ferrite drum core,ferrite core
2.Composite: fe2o3 ,softmagnetism ferrite core
3.μi:(Initial Permeability)400~1000
4.Curie Temperature: 160 Celsius degree
5.Saturation flux density :240-450(T)        Density:4.7(g/cm3)
Delivey Time:30-60days

Product name:

6.frequency range:0.05~1.5,0.1~2.0
7.size:we have all kinds of size ferrite cores,can be designed by the customers
8.Usage: Our product mainly applied to industry of computer, communication,

multi-media,automotive,Green lighting,office automotion,&electtromechancal etc.
We own five factories to specilize in Soft Ferrite production and we are very confident of  our manufacture capability.We can do most sizes and kinds,pls have  a detail quote (like product usage,Functional characteristic etc.),much more info. can be offered  would be appreciated.  We will try our best to service you.

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