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Magnetic material positive outlook

  Magnetic materials play an important role in traditional and emerging fields of electronics, computer, information and communication, medical, aerospace, automotive,ferrite core wind power, environmental protection and energy saving. Magnetic materials has become an alternative material to promote high-tech development and contemporary economic progress and development prospects.

    At present, China has become the world center of the magnetic material industry. Of magnetic output value of about 26.5 billion yuan, of permanent ferrite output value of 6.2 billion, the average price of 1.5 yuan / ton. Accordingly, estimates ferrite raw material output of about 10 billion yuan.

    In recent years, due to the magnetic core sharp rise in energy, raw materials, labor costs, leading to rising costs, industries and enterprises are showing a decline in the amount of profit. On the other hand, due to the weakness of the global economy in 2008 and 2009, the U.S. financial crisis, leading to the decline in exports, reduced orders, sluggish external demand has constrained the development of the industry.
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