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The magnet change number plates chaos roadside stop is being investigated

Donggang traffic police brigade check traffic police found a car parking chaos license plate digital color exists chromatic aberration, allegedly forged.ferrite rod core Sure enough, after careful examination, the traffic police to identify the car number plate with a magnet and variable number of stickers or altered license plate, would have changed the number plate of sweet G · 57688 Gan G 97688. Altered number plate of the vehicle has been seized illegal drivers agreed today to the traffic police team surveyed. Altered number plate offenses, drivers subject to a fine of 4,000 yuan, the note of 12 points on the basis of a one-time driver's license will also be subject to administrative detention within 15 days.

At 12:30 on March 2, Donggang traffic police brigade, traffic police SMD magnetic ferrite core patrol to the south of Tianshui North bird fish market door, found parked on the roadside, the license plate number for the Gan G · 97688 vehicle number plates digital color not a. This, check the traffic police immediately on a careful inspection of the car license plate. "I use a magnet and variable number of drivers paste the '5 'into a '9'" really the number plate of the car for Gan G 57 688, put a magnet drivers behind the license plate number 5 with variable number stickers 9 5 obscured altered number plate violations are serious.
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