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Magic magnet "Disguise" license plate

Some love to get smart driver, in order to avoid speeding, running a red light exposure, rack their brains play tricks on the license plate of the vehicle. Nanjing traffic police brigade police seized an altered number plates of offending vehicles. We go to see it.

We advise you not have luck here, no matter what method Ni-Zn ferrite core factories you use to block the plate, you have a violation of the Road Traffic Safety Law Once identified, you will have to pay the liability.

Nanjing traffic police brigade of police patrols along the Dan Fengjie, stone mother-in-law, Lane found that the license for the Su A118H4 black sedan grades color uncoordinated. Into a look, really great mystery!

Magnet made ​​of the number "8" dial can be removed, but also in the number plate on any mobile or altered plate number. Subsequently, the traffic police by police platform information, verified that the original license is true. But the scene could not contact the owners, the car was temporarily cleared drag. Afternoon, the owner of the traffic police brigade to accept treatment. The owners said, The variable No. magnet is spent tens of dollars to buy, buy a soft magnetic ferrite core mobile phone was illegally parked, afraid of exposure an unwise move.

The traffic police said that the vehicles using the altered number plate, electronic eye can not properly monitor their traffic violations, especially in a traffic accident and escape behavior, the investigation and the vehicle is at a disadvantage.

When the reporters on some websites search product called "variable number magnetic, found many shop such variable number magnet, 1-100 yuan at prices ranging from sales and public commitment to the electronic eye exposure. Although the Road Traffic Safety Law "of acts of trafficking or altered number plate tool, there is no specific penalties, but as long as the use of these tools will be fined and held in administrative detention.
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