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Electrodeless fluorescent the ferrite core installation differ District is divided into two kinds of built-in and external

In the field of light and lighting, electrodeless fluorescent lamps with its long electrode life characteristics are widely accepted. The light source uses a unique electronic ballasts generate RF signals, while alternating electromagnetic field through ferrite cores qualities coil coupling energy into the plasma emission tube, stimulate internal mercury 253.7nm ultraviolet spectrum, and eventually inspired wall internal The phosphor material to produce visible light output.

Electrodeless fluorescent the ferrite core installation differ District is divided into two kinds of built-in and external. Built-in induction lamp is inserted within the core the spherical bubbles cavity-based, multi-MHz level self-excited oscillation circuit generates the RF signal ignition. Such a way that the light source itself less demanding production difficulty, the spherical lamp conducive lamps with light design, test the whole lamp EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) more difficult by ferrite magnet the relevant national standards.

The core external induction lamp, placed outside by core ring the closed lamp and start the ignition. The frequency range is generally in the hundreds KHz levels. Choice of frequency, low frequency means that the need to increase the core size to increase the value of the inductance of the whole lamp; while high frequency due to the conduction interference and radiated interference more difficult by the relevant EMC standards become a bottleneck. At the same time, the external induction lamp also need to pay extra attention to the actual temperature of the core, the amalgam point temperature. Its light-emitting area relatively low HID light source so that the light source surface brightness, easy to control glare; lamp selection and design of light distribution type of light source other technical subjects.
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