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"Exhibition hair magnetic industry" : an inter-bank transformation soon

      The transformation and upgrading of enterprises in how to grab the opportunity, surf, enjoy the joy of fish in water? Recently, the reporter comes to yinfeng river town, visited the exhibition hair magnetic industry science and technology Co., LTD.
      "Exhibition hair magnetic industry" is located in yinfeng ferrite core  river town siming east road. 2 floor reception, general manager YuJianFang had just finished and several of the customer of negotiations.
      49 YuJianFang wearing white shirt, with glasses, looks very capable. He says that as a yinfeng river town a few high-tech enterprise, "exhibition hair magnetic industry" is a former high pollution, the high-energy foundry. In 2008, with the policy of our DaoBi mechanism,ferrite cores issued a foundry industry is the upgrading of the industrial policy, the annual production value amount to 30 million yuan of the following casting enterprise to be directly "the red card dismissal".
      "In those days the foundry just back on track, the annual output of about 10 million yuan or so, was set before only shut or transformation two road." Back at the beginning of the situation, the YuJianFang said "can't sleep."
      Hesitated after period of time, YuJianFang investment of 16 million yuan, is determined to tap into  magnetic materials manufacturing, new material industry of trying to achieve a breakthrough.
      "Now look, at the beginning of the decision is completely correct." YuJianFang said.
      YuJianFang desk of a small "iron a knot in one's heart". "This is our product--high performance, so little, ndfeb market price 145 yuan or so."
      Ndfeb are widely used in communication, motor, magnetic core medical, computer, aviation, etc. Thanks to the rapid development of the market, "exhibition hair magnetic industry" output value reached 23 million yuan last year, this year is expected to improve slightly. In addition, the enterprise of the impact on the environment and greatly reduced the than ever before.magnetic cores Magnetic materials industry also fierce competition. But in YuJianFang view, traditional industry profit thin, new material industry even capacity saturation, but industry profits are still high.
      At present, "exhibition hair magnetic industry" only do the raw materials vegerable, but the enterprise have been prepared for deep processing to development. "The transformation and upgrading of a hammer and not the buying and selling, we must step magnetic ring by step to the top of the industry going forward." YuJianFang confidently said.
Author:Hangzhou branch peak magnetic industry Co., LTD
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